The Soup Maker

Once upon a time, there was a soup maker. The soup maker is very passionate about a specific soup and wanted to share the recipe with as many people as possible. But, The soup maker was living in a small village in a remote corner of the forest that no one knew of.

Due to this, only people knew about his soup. The soup maker also wanted investment to perfect the soup. The soup maker decided to contact the money people at a famous village named Buttonwood. …

Few thoughts on top 3 US based cloud providers — these aren’t meant to be hard facts handed down from the mountain top, rather to get some discussion going. Feel free to disagree in the comments below or on Twitter.

TLDR of the content below


  • Continues with their flawless execution, no big mistakes
  • Confused about containers and what to do with them — just doing what Google did 2 years may not be such a smart strategy
  • Making right moves with OSS
  • Is very worried about Google and singularly focused on them instead of focusing on real competition from Azure


  • Has the best…

CLOUD CITY, Washington April 1, 2019 At AWS, we focus on solving problems for customers. Over the years, customer usage and dependencies on open source technologies have been steadily increasing; this is why we’ve long been committed to open source, and our pace of contributions to open source projects — both our own and others’ — continues to accelerate.

When AWS launches a service based on an open source project, we are making a long-term commitment to support our customers. We contribute bug fixes, security, scalability, performance, and feature enhancements back to the community.

AWS is pleased to…

With summer coming along, I am going to be taking a break from Twitter for few reasons — I have been meaning to do this for few weeks, but few discussions kept me involved.

  • Lack of time

Things got busier at work and everyone is working hard and it feels wrong to be spending time on Twitter, when I should be helping team.

  • Short burst of thoughts do not enrich thinking

While its fun to argue and disagree, the fact remains that short burst of thoughts that Twitter enables does not enrich your ability to think strategic or long term…

Published: Apr 1, 2018

  • Amazon Whole Foods has decided not to sell any of its products to Google employees.
  • Amazon’s move heats up its war with Google over the future. The two are also battling over video devices, cloud and services.
  • Amazon has shown a willingness to compete with rivals using any and all of its assets.

It was an awkward phone call, but one the Google engineers had been expecting. After weeks of silence, Amazon’s Whole Foods informed Google employees on a conference call late last month that it would not allow any of them in their stores, according…

c-cloud has grown too old and stale. It is showing symptoms of an older startup that hasn’t yet found its mojo. Its coffee is still Starbucks Pike brand.

Its about time, I made a change. So, I have decided to quit c-cloud to accept a similar position at c-cloud. The new company is amazing. While its an older startup, it has lot of energetic new employees like me. It serves Starbucks Pike brand for coffee in their kitchen ( granted, its a french press, but c-cloud is a true startup).

Once in a while, everyone should quit their job and rejoin the company in the same position.

Happy New Year. We wont be on twitter much, except when something big happens or during re:Invent 2018. We wanted to leave you with few thoughts.

  • Serverless is the future. Accept it.

It was not a popular thing to say Cloud is the future back in the days. If you thought Cloud was inevitable, the drivers behind serverless are even more compelling. Migration to Cloud from DC was a harder choice than migrating from a VM based app to serverless app. Developers will start experimenting with things like Lambda and will end up liking the potential of it. The amazing…

By 2007 or so, the data centers have become untenable due to space and power constraints. It was common to hear cases of servers stacked on top of each other. The space and power constraints led many people to move some of the dev servers into their offices. DC managers had a tough time to keep saying no to new servers required for new workloads.

Virtualisation came around and it promised to solve the problem. It did help in squeezing more out of the existing servers. Deduplication, Storage tiering and other techniques helped reduce some of the storage equipment. Depsite…

TL:DR: Cloud providers are the new cable companies


This will only gets worse as time goes on, as both Google and Amazon are now upping their war publicly and behaving more like old cable companies and TV stations that we so detest:

Please see :

I can not recommend using K8s or Tensorflow on AWS in good conscience. I can not believe the claim that AWS is different from Retail — they are the same culture, same obsession with competitors instead of customers.

While Kubernetes may not be appropriate for all workloads, it has found fame and fortunes…

No one doubts that the engineering machine at AWS continues to churn out new features and they more or less reflect what customers have been asking for. In general, the Day 1 announcements have been refreshing and exciting.

Things that are great/amazing category:

  • Aurora Serverless — this ought to save boatload of money for well written apps that need a database but do not want to pay for dedicated instances
  • AWS Fargate — Cluster mgmt is one of those topics that appeals to masochists, but frustrates mere mortals. By eliminating the need to deal with cluster managers, AWS makes using…

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