Very astute observations in this post. I submit that the path forward for Kubernetes is fraught with many dangers. Its not because of technology issues, but due to one stupid idea to form a Foundation around it. Kubernetes is a bus with many drivers and many of those drivers bottom line is directly tied to how complex Kubernetes becomes. If you look at who is driving the Foundation behind Kubernetes, you will see that the vendors participating mostly will make money by selling complexity. When you hear about million dollar contracts, majority of it is dedicated to implementation costs. If Kubernetes becomes simpler, this revenue goes away and its not aligned with the interests of tech companies pouring money into the Foundation.

Google is an exception to this, but I would say when it comes to containers, Google’s strategy is a cluster mess. There are signs that they are realizing it and will slowly step away from Kubernetes and use it only to thump their chests about their open source contributions.

This is Deja Vu to some of us, who have seen the path taken by WS* standards.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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