Understanding interest in Private & Hybrid clouds

Cloud is in use by early adopters and early majority. Many late majority are also starting to adopt it. But, there are some in the late majority that are not yet using Cloud. They are being forced to adopt Cloud by their organization and peer pressure. They are looking for excuses to resist this. Some are starting private cloud evaluations. As you know private cloud evaluations start with ordering bunch of new hardware. This registers on our radars as growth in private cloud projects.

These projects will fail same as previous private cloud efforts did. Their failure rate may be accelerating due to intense questioning of their value by sponsoring execs.

To answer them, some private cloud fans find a workaround called Hybrid Cloud. They will have nominal service usage in Cloud and then claim that for “secure” workloads, they need to be on-premises. They tell execs not to worry, since they can “eventually” move these workloads to Cloud using the magic of containers and orchestration.

Vendor sales look at this and go “well, customers want on-premises systems, and why shouldn’t we sell them those?”. The sales team puts pressure on product teams. Some product management leaders believe that they must do everything their sales team asks them to do. This leads to vendors announcing “Hybrid” cloud appliances and DVD sets.

Unfortunately for these vendors looking to make a quick buck, AWS remains disciplined. They continue making the Cloud awesome and the best target environment for all workloads. They are also making Cloud more secure than private environments.

Expect majority of “hybrid” cloud projects to fail in 2018 and the gap between AWS and other vendors to widen. I do have hopes that one of these days, Google will achieve escape velocity and may be able to reduce some of that gap.

Customers should ignore the chatter about private and hybrid cloud and stay focused on Cloud adoption. That’s all folks.

ps: There seems to be great confusion about Edge usecases. These are where there is low network connectivity or local compute/storage is needed for periods of time. This is not Hybrid use case, this is Edge compute use case. An offline Cloud appliance is fine here. Back in the day, we called this pattern Store and Forward.

ps2: I can’t seem to login to Twitter (saved password doesn’t work etc), so I may not be able to reply to your tweets in time. Also, have no idea how profile picture seems changed to an old image?

Parody + Tech commentary.

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