Thought leader meets Socrates

Thought Leader(TL): “Docker is evil”

Socrates(S): “Why is Docker evil?”

TL: “Docker changed name of open source project to Moby”

S: “Is name changing evil?”

TL: “No, Docker is trying to profit from the brand name Docker created through open source efforts”

S:”Is making profit evil?”

TL:”No..but, this is bait and switch”

S:”who did Docker bait?”

TL: “All the vendors in the community hoping to build a business around Docker”

S:”Why do these vendors want to build a business”

TL:”So, they make nice profit”

S:”Are these vendors evil?”

TL:”No. They did not do a bait and switch, so they are not evil”

S:”Did they try to replace Docker with Rocket before?”

TL:”Yes, they were trying to protect the community”

S:”Who was trying to harm the community?”


S:”How was Docker harming the community?”

TL:”Because they were trying to make profit”

S:”How will Rocket protect the community?”

TL:”Then community is not held hostage to Docker and they can use K8s freely”

S:”Who will benefit if more people use k8s”

TL:”The vendors in the community”

S:”How will they benefit?”

TL:”The vendors can sell professional services around k8s “

S:”So, these vendors make a profit?”


S:”Are these vendors evil?”

TL:No.these are the good companies”

S:”Why are they the good companies??”

TL:”Because they start foundations”

S:”Is everyone starting foundations good companies?”

TL:”I don’t mean that, but these are companies with good intentions — they donate money to Foundations”

S:”Ok. If Docker donates money to Foundations, they also become good company?”

TL:”No. Docker is evil — nothing can make them a good company?”

S:”Why is Docker evil?”

TL:”They are trying to make profit”

S:”So, making profit is evil?”

TL:”You talk tricky. My feelings are hurt. I am going to a Foundation meeting and hug my ilk. Good bye Socrates”

S:”Why are your feelings hurt?”


Parody + Tech commentary.

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