With summer coming along, I am going to be taking a break from Twitter for few reasons — I have been meaning to do this for few weeks, but few discussions kept me involved.

  • Lack of time

Things got busier at work and everyone is working hard and it feels wrong to be spending time on Twitter, when I should be helping team.

  • Short burst of thoughts do not enrich thinking

While its fun to argue and disagree, the fact remains that short burst of thoughts that Twitter enables does not enrich your ability to think strategic or long term. I want to focus on reading longform and spend time reflecting on trends etc.

  • Value

There are many people stepping up to call BS on things lately and it does not require a semi anonymous account to do it. The value of this account is diminishing.

I will try very hard to stay away from Twitter and will try to come back for re:Invent. If you recall, I took a break last year as well for 6 months, so hopefully I have enough discipline to do it again. Will check DM once in a while, so if something important/urgent, reach me there.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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