There is something about OpenStack…

Few observations about OpenStack. Comments are welcome.

1. Amalgamation of many components that came either thru organic development or donated

2. There is no one “Stack” — you have the option of multiple components at different levels

3. No concept of “Reference” — what you do is unique and your implementation is 1 in n ( where n is an unknown)

4. You cannot go on your own and implement OpenStack without huge budgets and an army of staff

5. Vendors can help you implement OpenStack and this may be most cost effective way

6. OpenStack architecture has some major flaws, but vendors can help you navigate around them.

7. OpenStack is still pretty much about running your own Data Centers, it is not taking you onto the path of Public Cloud.

8. Doing OpenStack does not make you “Private” Cloud or “Hybrid” Cloud — they are meaningless terms you should ignore.

9. There is no “good” or “bad” OpenStack implementation — it is same as any other IT project you undertake — if it meets your business goals, its good. If not, its bad.

10. Do not look to OpenStack foundation for leadership — it is mostly amalgamation of vendor reps that know how to party well and pick nice destinations for parties. ( good people to know though ). Use the foundation to justify your trips to destinations like Vancouver, Tokyo in future.

Thats it people — happy Stacking.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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