In late 2000s, EC2/S3 were seen as something that you would only use for light workloads. The leading organizations of that time were actively pursuing virtualization. We made jokes about companies that did not have an aggressive virtualization plans. We were making great strides in reducing the admin to servers ratio. We moved beyond run book automation and into the exciting new realm of data center automation. The world was going to continue down this line and the companies that bet big on these technologies were seen as securing their future. The future did not exactly unfold as expected. It is not an exaggeration to say that the leaders of the past like IBM, EMC and HP are now struggling to find a meaning of their existence in this new world. VMware is queuing up to join them quickly.

In 2016, serverless is seen as something you would use only for light workloads. It is mostly used by startups that have silly workloads like chat. The leading organizations of today are actively pursuing containers and container orchestration. We make jokes about companies that do not have an aggressive plan to adopt container orchestration technologies. We are squeezing great value out of cloud instances . We moved beyond consuming cloud instances to moving workloads in containers and achieve unbelievable scalability and simplified operations. Its truly the golden age of DevOps. The world will continue and the future will be full of Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm and other container orchestration technologies. Which cloud you would run these containers on is a mere detail, its not of great significance.

Its possible that the future may unfold differently than what thought leaders are preaching. I am not saying that if you focus lot on containers and their orchestration, you are doomed. Just as IBM, EMC and HP did not simply disappear, your company will also continue to exist. Its not all doom. However, if you want to lead your company bravely into the new world, you would do well to focus lot on how serverless will evolve.

Thats all folks.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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