While we witness stupid things in the world on a daily basis, we are also at the beginning of yet another technological revolution. I couldn’t help but feel excited for our future which is going to be bright and inspiring. We are a fortunate generation to be spearheading this change.

I am excited about 3 things that I will describe below:

1. Automating the world

Labels like Internet of Things are less important, but we are well on our way to automate parts of our world. Whether it is self driving cars or temperature control in the house. We are also not too far from automating health tracking either via our phones or wearables.

This trend may save our lives by reducing road accidents and detecting potential health issues early.

2. Clean Energy

Advances in solar energy and electric cars are making clean energy possible. Some estimate that we will not be oil dependent as early as 2030. Stupid things like fracking will become cost prohibitive to pursue as clean energy becomes cheaper. Economic alignment to save the planet always works better than activist demonstrations.

This trend may end up saving our planet for our future generations.

3. Manufacturing revolution — 3D printing

A friend was telling me the other day that his son’s teeth braces were 3D printed. 3D printing has become more prevalent. 3D printing will change manufacturing in ways not anticipated. We can reduce child labor in manufacturing as they still do in some parts of the world. 3D printing will reduce need to transport finished goods across continents. This can lead to lower energy consumption.

These trends are not separate from each other, they feed each other and before we know it will change the world.

These are my thoughts for a Monday that was otherwise filled with accusations and counter accusations and mainframe foundations.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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