Short post on Public Cloud

This is a short post, but a thought keeps coming to me and I can’t get to an answer I find satisfactory. I am hoping that some of you would have thoughts on this.

It feels to me that AWS is now overshooting(*) some customers ( startups, SMB etc ) and has become a premium ( read expensive) option. This is a signal of change in the market and should lead to further competitive battles. This ideally should lead to low-end disruptive offerings.

I do not believe Google is this, because Google has made it very clear that they want to fight AWS at the full feature competition.

We hadn’t yet seen a low end disrupter emerge. Why is this? Comment below or tweet.

  • : Signs of Overshooting:
  1. Companies innovate faster than customer’s lives change. AWS has been innovating much faster than customer adoption.
  2. Compute and Storage have become commodotized, where by its hard to differentiate between an AWS instance with a GCP instance or an Azure instance. ( for ex: choosing lowest cost is fine here, since many dimensions for compute and storage are very comparable between AWS, GCP and Azure ).

Parody + Tech commentary.

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