Rough Notes on Cloud and Enterprises

  • Enterprises want to use public Cloud
  • Enterprises have Big Rocks that are very hard to move to the Cloud — these are things like Identity Mgmt Systems ( think IBM Tivoli, CA SiteMinder), Business Intelligence systems( Oracle BI, Informatica etc), ERP/MRP systems(SAP, PeopleSoft, SSA etc), legacy apps( timecard apps, knowledge mgmt apps etc) etc
  • Presence of these rocks is not a good justification for Hybrid models, because these rocks don’t play nicely with newer systems
  • Cloud providers can not simply provide half of the solution for these rocks and expect enterprises to figure out the other half
  • Its ok to leave some of the rocks on-premises for enterprises till their alternatives mature in the Cloud — for ex: no reason to move all BI projects to Cloud, let it mature a bit more
  • Its not ok to try to mix and match an on-premise rock with a component in the Cloud
  • The best thing Cloud providers can do is to focus on providing a decent alternatives to these big rocks in the Cloud ( Good examples: AWS Quiksight, Google BigQuery Bad Example: Windows Azure AD with password sync with onprem AD)
  • Trying to make these enterprise rocks to start look like Cloud is same as putting lipstick on a pig — cute for just few days
  • Expecting that enterprises will wake up and suddenly become Cloud native while not moving their workloads to a public cloud is wishful thinking
  • No vendor except AWS seems to understand these principles and it seems that all other vendors are overthinking this.


Parody + Tech commentary.

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