I tried to make sense of some terms that people use very loosely in our industry. Please help me refine these definitions and add more such terms. Add your comments below.

Expert — Someone who has read couple of articles on the topic and has plagiarized content to create slides. Typically consultants who live 1500 miles away from the point of practice. Synonyms: Loudmouth

Thought leader — Is slow and as a result people think they are reflecting on something. They are good at copying thoughts and tweets. Synonyms: Dimwit

Luminary Generally older generation. Does not know about latest technology, but demands respect due to grey hair and old age. Synonyms: Old Fart.

Leading authority — plays good politics to get an impressive title at the company and in organizations. Synonyms: A-hole

Father of X — Polished the turd called X and made it shiny. Always has serious BO and people don’t want to argue with this person on the origins of X due to this BO. Synonyms: RMS

Guru: Speaks Yoda-like in riddles everyone assumes are wisdom; master of deception. Synonym: Hired Gun”

Parody + Tech commentary.

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