For long I have argued against private cloud.

If you have workloads that require to be on-prem, thats ok. It could be due to historical reasons, legacy tech or control reasons. On-prem tech is proven and works for these use cases. Keep them going if you don’t have a reason to migrate. There is more efficient tech for on-prem such as hyper-converged systems that give you enough efficiency to keep going with these workloads.

Many workloads however are ripe to move to public cloud. This is a natural transition to efficient way of doing things. You get the benefits of scale, efficiency, better spend model with OPEX and dynamic scaling to meet ups and downs of business. You can also start shifting your investment towards software development instead of just software operations. Just as you no longer need to solder your own registers, your need to put together servers and storage is diminishing as well.

The thing that has me and many others puzzled is this pursuit of “private cloud” — that you can run a cloud-like environment on your 20 servers and achieve same efficiency of a public cloud. This is just an optical illusion carefully created by vendor marketing on power point. You will not get the benefits of scale or efficiency, neither can you achieve same level of infrastructure security as provided by cloud providers. You also do not get the same level of efficiency if you are operating your own servers, power, rack space and physical space and physical security. You will end up spending more money on infrastructure people than on developers.

Some position private cloud as a transitional state to public cloud. This is also an optical illusion, because you would spend up more money on transition than on running business.

The good news is that many leaders in several verticals are already going full public cloud, its the laggards often that are confused, almost as if they want to fall behind. I don’t have a good explanation for this, let me know if you guys do. Why do laggards pursue private cloud projects when leaders are adopting public cloud?.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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