Micro services are marketing

I recently saw a post in a famous financial news paper about how micro services are helping large enterprises. This was written by a technology banker.

While I am not going to debate the article itself here ( which I thought was a puff piece, but not as terrible as some of the datasheets we see), this is one sign that micro services have jumped the shark.

Few questions for the wise:

  • When did we start taking architectural guidance from bankers/VCs/money men?
  • The marketers pushing micro services talk about how they are a silver bullet. Is there a silver bullet against bad code?
  • Tremendous cost savings are promised. How many of these micro services vendors are willing to sell you software as a deferred payment from your cost savings?
  • They promise unbelievable resiliency — do these marketers willing to sign penalty clauses if your app developed using their software has a downtime?
  • Is micro services really the ground breaking new model? Haven’t we been composing components since the 90s, if not earlier?

My point is that when a banker starts telling you how to architect your application, its time for you to run in opposite direction as fast as possible.

Good luck.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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