Google Cloud — Impressions from GCPNext keynote

“Its far easier to judge than to execute”.

This year’s GCP Next was a much awaited event. This is do or die year for Google Cloud, IMHO. After many years of being an also ran, Google is trying to give it a (last?) push. They hired Diane Green, and a former CTO of Redhat for their enterprise experience and also have been investing heavily. Here are my observations from the keynote today:


- Featuring Sundar Pichai and Eric Schmidt was intended to send a message that Google is serious. It would have been more powerful to have one of founders show up, but I understand they are busy with space elevators.

- Featured mainstream customers like Disney and Home Depot. Spotify and Snapchat are “meh” to enterprises.

- Sharing details about their investment in infrastructure.

- Didn’t dwell too much on pricing, Moore’s law, CAP theorem and other dozy stuff.

- Good demos overall and delivery was smoother than last years

Need to improve:

- Key note was bit of chest thumping — I would have given lot more speaking time to customers instead of Google’s own execs

- Value statements were missing. They were basically saying “we are Google, damn it. Use us”. This hasn’t worked for 4+ years, why would this work now?

- Not enough details shared on GTM strategy.

- Serverless architecture branding felt like bunch of hand waving — this story needs to evolve better.

- NoOps felt like a lie, since demos followed sausage making details that require ops — I am not used to suspecting Google claims, so it was uncomfortable.

Overall, I would say that Google still has a chance to grow. However, they need to realize their status as laggards in the space and also need to tell their story in enterprise terms. If they don’t gain traction with enterprises in next 6–9 months, we will be slow singing and flower bringing for GCP in 2017.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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