From: Chief, Tribe of Infinite Wisdom

(As dictated at Daily Standup meeting after sunrise)

Dear Tribal Members,

Some hundred sunrises ago, a question was raised by a member of our tribe that whether we should adopt a new emerging technology. We want to provide background of this technology and explain our current policy.

Approximately many hundreds of thousand sunrises ago, members of Tribe of Toofar Ahead discovered that by striking two rocks you can produce a brief light. When this light is touched with dried plant material, it produces heat. This technology is commonly called as “Fire”.

Over a period of time, some of the tribe members have used this heat to provide extra warmth at night time when Sun goes down. There have been concerns expressed by tribal elders that depending on unnatural sources of heat other than Sun may cause unanticipated problems. Despite these warnings, the usage of this heat produced from plant material has been increasingly used. This has also caused damage to some of the tribal huts by fire burning them, which are their primary living quarters. This has led to overcrowding of other huts.

A recently emerging use case of this heat is to use with meat. As you know, for centuries we have been hunting game and eating it. Now, some self proclaimed “innovators” claim that this heat can be used to improve the taste of game. These claims are outrageous and run counter to what we have been taught for generations. We must resist the misadventure of these people from infecting our tribe.

We have also heard instances of some tribes using this heat all night long to simulate light that is provided by Sun during the day. They attach dried plant material to a stick and set it on fire. This is considered dangerous because some times the wind blows these burning embers and causes burn down of huts. Our elders have taught us for generation that darkness is good for our soul and body. We have also sent our observers to see how the tribe owned animals react to this light. They have reported that the animals were afraid of this light.

Due to this evidence, we have resisted adopting this new technology in our tribe.

However, we have recently consulted the wise men of Magic Square. As you know, daily we send 10% of what we hunt to Magic Square for their valuable advice. According to the wise men of Magic Square, we must identify a small team from our tribe that will try to adopt this new Fire technology. It would require sacrifice and courage from some of the young men and women of this tribe to be part of this team. The wise men of Magic Square have called this a BiModal method. We will commence the formation of this team during next full moon. This team is expected to learn about this new technology and report back its findings after one thousand sunrisings.

We are aware that some members of other tribes have been interrupting our tribe members in the forest and telling them about benefits of this new Fire technology. We must ignore them and stick with our proven way. Please do not engage in deep discussions with other tribe members talking about Fire technology. Any member of our tribe found to be engaging in extensive conversations with these other tribe members or consuming meat provided by other tribes will be subject to punishment including an expulsion from the tribe.

- Chief.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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