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  • Ryan Baker

    Ryan Baker

    IT Professional, Urban and Environmental Activist, Thinker and Author of urba.norabble.com & tech.norabble.com.

  • Rob Bergin

    Rob Bergin

    Father of three under eleven, husband of artist, driver of Subaru, mower of lawn, drinker of craft beers, SE @ SpringPath.

  • Ludovic Pénet

    Ludovic Pénet

    Informaticien de formation et de passion, heureux papa, militant des droits numériques

  • Joe Walker

    Joe Walker


  • Tyler Treat

    Tyler Treat

    Managing Partner at Real Kinetic. Interested in distributed systems, messaging infrastructure, and resilience engineering.

  • Sam Vanhoutte

    Sam Vanhoutte

    CTO at @CoditCompany, Windows Azure Insider, BizTalk Server V-TSP. Proud husband and father of 2 kids, love traveling, cooking and reading.

  • Steven Bryen

    Steven Bryen

    Solution Architect @ AWS, Dad, Blogger, Tweeter and All round Geek!

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