I want to discuss five bad ideas in our industry that vendors use instead of a viable strategy.

1. Private Cloud

This is often a labeling exercise. Take an existing data center software, add incremental features to it and call it a Private Cloud. Customers that fall into this trap will fail and end up costing their companies .

2. Hybrid Cloud

A close cousin of Private Cloud, this is the idea that you can mix your data center with a public cloud. This is an idea based on false premise that you must leverage existing resources when using Cloud. Leverage existing resources for existing workloads. For new workloads that need Cloud infrastructure, go full Cloud.

3. Cloud Bursting

This is the mother of all bad ideas, despite being attempted since 2008 and failing every time. When new tech comes on horizon, people dust off old white papers and push Cloud Bursting. Currently we are in an iteration inspired by Containers. Ignore this, ain’t going to happen and it won’t work.

4. Magical Multi-Cloud

Do you ever observe, its only the vendors who are most worried about lock-in? They want to sell magic snake oil that moves workloads across disparate multi-vendor clouds. These are often complex orchestration systems that are more trouble than worth. Avoid them like plague.

5. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ( VDI )

When Eve took a bite of Apple in the Garden of Eden, Adam turned to her and said “Finally, an year of VDI ”. Yeah, even T-Rex was hoping for an year of VDI. Millions of years of history hadn’t stopped vendors to push VDI onto unsuspecting customers. Don’t do it, unless you want your users to hate you.

That’s all folks. Comment/tweet away your opinions.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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