Egg analogy to Dev(ops) teams

I heard this analogy in a recent book in a medical context, but I think it applies quite well to Dev teams too.

If you take an egg and leave it on the counter and not do anything with it for 3 weeks, you get a rotten egg.

If you take an egg, put it on counter and present to it non stop about importance of culture for 3 weeks, you still get a rotten egg.

If you take same egg, keep it in a 99.5 degree temp and rotate it periodically for 3 weeks, you get a chick.

The environment matters — eggs need little heat and occasional turns to thrive and turn into chicks.

Your Developers need an environment where there is bit of warmth but also bit of turns (challenges) to thrive. Preaching them value of culture or sending them to DevOps conferences still turns them into rotten developers if you do not have the right environment at work.

Focus on creating right environment, right tempo and right set of challenges.

I guess this isn’t rocket science and I didn’t need to tell you this, but for some reason some managers won’t even drink a glass of water unless a thought leader instructs them to do so.

Thats all folks.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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