DevOps is about collaboration and it is a critical practice for building new platforms or adopting them. It is also important for doing Microservices effectively. DevOps fosters a team spirit and allows for teams to achieve great things.

One of the reasons DevOps works is how it started and how it grew. It’s growth was all organic and was promoted by people who genuinely cared about improving the craft of software. It started initially by piggybacking on other conferences like Velocity and then slowly evolved into day long DevOps events. For majority of the time DevOps represented an effort by like minded people to help organizations become more effective and move away from siloed approach to developing and deploying software.

In mid 2013 and 2014, this started to change. Some of the ITIL apologists got wind of DevOps and started scheming how to make money on DevOps and also bring back some of the lost luster to ITIL under the guise of DevOps. These people are well known in the ITIL world, having published work on service operations and other related topics. I do not think these folks are evil, they are just misguided and are unfortunately pushing on outdated ideas.

Some of these people have worked with other people who are in it for money to start pushing the idea of certifications. Certifications to them reminds them of the good old comfortable days of ITSM certifications. These were of the type ITSM Foundation, ITSM Master certification etc. Their plan is to make DevOps a subset of ITIL and work with ITIL bodies to incorporate it into a revision of ITIL ( v3.1 ? ).

Unfortunately such efforts will doom the good that can be had with DevOps. So, as someone who cared about DevOps since late 2009, I want to do my part to help.

I understand certifications are reassuring to some of the larger enterprises. They also provide a framework for common understanding. Certifications are not the full solution though, they are a small part of the puzzle, however we can not simply say certifications are completely unnecessary.

However, the way to develop a DevOps training and certification is not by ITIL apologists. It should be done by practitioners of DevOps. Secondly, we should leverage the strength of Opensource approach to develop this. We should use DevOps to collaborate on what a DevOps training and certification may look like. we need to collaborate publicly, test ideas, hold blameless postmortems to tweak/modify the proposal.

With that, I am proposing a new DevOps Foundation. I look forward to recruiting an executive board.

If you think this is a good idea and want to do your part, comment below or join the github project. Once we get critical mass, we can hold our first virtual meeting.

Here is the Github project:

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