Twitter is in trouble — the product has gone downhill since mid 2015. It has become less enjoyable to use twitter. While Twitter exec team seems to be focused on revenue (as they should be), they should know that product problems can sink a company. Twitter as a product has gone from bad to worse lately.

Here are few things they should do ASAP:

  • Restore Favorites or if keeping ‘like’ change it to an icon that represents ‘like’, not a red heart, which belongs on Tinder/Grindr
  • Make moments user specific after login. For unlogged users, you can keep existing feed.
  • Do not mess with time lines — show tweets as they were tweeted
  • Get rid of promoted tweets/sponsored content in tweet stream — this cuts into engagement — show promotions outside of the tweet stream
  • Get rid of blue check mark, replace it with text that says ‘Verified user’ , and explain that its just that user has confirmed their identity and nothing more.

These won’t fix all problems, but will atleast get product back to ‘bad’ from worse.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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