We are a group of concerned people concerned about how other people are behaving at work and social settings. We want to encourage good behavior. Instead of just reporting bad behavior and simply rating them as if people are some rat-infested restaurant, we wanted to focus on helping them.

We are taking a fundamentally different approach than Peeple. Peeple is only interested in treating people like businesses that you can rate. We do not think this actually helps the people getting rated. Peeple is also based on Yelp, which is a disaster on its own. Peeple is disturbingly Canadian. When was the last time anything good came out of Canada after Justin Bieber?. We think there is a better way.

Here is what we do:

1. You can rate anyone (“subject”) you know about their behavior

2. You can choose a number between 1–10 ( 1 — worst human being 10 — best human being ).

3. You can promote this to your social network, so others also can rate this subject.

4. Once a subject reaches at least 3 ratings and if their rating is less than 5, it triggers next steps

5. We will use Google database to find out who their mother is

6. We will use Google to discover their mother’s phone number

7. One of our trained expert will call the subject’s mother

8. We will talk to the mother about her failure in raising the kids and offer specific suggestions to whip their kids back into shape, so they correct their behavior

We charge the mother for the services delivered.


“Our son was the founder of a very famous order-a-cab-from-your-phone, I had previously heard rumors about his behavior being very aggressive. However, when WCTM called us, they had specific behavior problems identified and how I can help my son correct them. They even sent me a video to help discipline my son. I am happy to report that he is on the mend now, he was last seen organizing food drives. WCTM service is very cost effective. Paying $500,000 to fix your Billionaire son was a steal” — Mother of a successful founder.

“Our son invented this convert-SMS-to-text-on-web service and due to behavioral issues got fired. He was obsessed with undermining people who opposed him. After I got a call from WCTM service, I intervened and he is now considered a saint by many reporters. Thanks to WCTM, he is going to be CEO of two companies” — A mother in mid-west.

“Our stepson has started selling books on Internet. WCTM called us about how he fires people when they are sick or do not work atleast 18 hours a day. Once WCTM provided specific suggestions, we asked our step son to visit us. We locked him in a room and left him with a TV and just his own video streaming service for a whole day. He has become very reflective now and we await to see his new score from WCTM” — Mother of a famous book seller.

Try We Call Their Mother (WCTM) service today — help mothers all over the world fix their kids. Remember that anyone can ask us to call your mother, so behave out there.

Parody + Tech commentary.

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